Doing something useful with my domains.

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It has been over 10 years since I have held (and I can’t honestly say that I have ever had a purpose for the .net/.com domains, other than one of them hosting my e-mails. At one point I uploaded a collection of pictures to a postcard flash-based display widget (no other words to describe it). I love taking pictures of flowers, and at the time I thought the postcard display was very neat (I think I still do). I was not able to see my postcard flowers on my phone or iPad, since sadly Apple doesn’t support flash on iOS devices. I thought of looking for or writing a similar application in HTML5, and at the same time I was wondering where I would write my random thoughts about technology that I was playing with.

Originally my blog in the .org domain was going to alternate between me talking about wine (go and read my ignorant wine rantings if you want) and talking about technology. I just didn’t feel it was right for me to talk about wine on one post (something I know very little about), and then switching over and talk about technology in the next.

So here we are. I am now pointing both .net and .com domains to this blog. I have removed the flash-based postcard picture display widget (it is actually still there if you look hard enough). The wine blog stays where it is, and I plan to write in this one only about my tech musings.

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