InMobi and ad size support for IwGameAds.

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If anybody has bothered (highly unlikely) to download and install any of my games in Blackberry Appworld they would have noticed that at times you will get an ad that takes over the entire screen of the game. This happens even if you are in the middle of playing the game. Unfortunately until this point IwGameAds did not have a mechanism to be able to request an ad size. With some providers like mmedia this is not a problem because you define the size with you define the slot.

Again I have made changes to IwGame to support ad sizes. These are the first batch of ad sizes supported: 168×28, 216×36, 300×50, 300×250, 728×90, 320×480, and 320×50. Up to this point I have only tested and modified (where needed) 2 providers: mmedia and Inneractive. With these code changes I have also added InMobi (was not supported in the original version of IwGameAds). I couldn’t find a way to specify ad size in mmedia, and it isn’t necessary since you can specify it on their portal. All these words is just to say that the ad size functionality is now supported for InMobi and Inneractive. As I test and update the other providers, I will make sure to add the ad size option. You can keep track of what providers I have tested by looking at the read me on gitHub. This change meets my current needs, but I realize that it would be more useful if you can specify the ad size per slot. I plan to make that change as soon as time permits.

Example 1: The ad size of 300×50.






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