Appodeal vs Fyber (Heyzap)

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Please take this graph with a grain of salt (I believe that is how the saying goes) since it all depends on your population and how people play your game.

Please note:

  1. I tried to keep the population the same between the two groups. Country mix, players, time frame, and female/male ratios. That being said there are other variables that I can’t control easily.
  2. It is a very small number of impressions. This particular app does not generate that many impressions.

Mediated networks:

  1. Appodeal: Mopub, Facebook, Admob, Appodeal Exchange
  2. Heyzap: Fyber Direct, Facebook, Admob, Mopub, Heyzap Ads

All data comes from Tenjin reporting and I am not in any way affiliated with Tenjin, Appodeal, or Fyber other than I use their products.

Fyber (Heyzap)


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