ASO on iOS. Part 2.

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I finally got the update on the App Store on April 23 (I have plenty of problems getting the online play working and then screenshot rejections from Apple). Although it is fairly early, I wanted to give an update. After 2 days these are some of the words that the app is ranked on (again AppAnnie):


So we went from 1 word to over 20 (not all are pictured). Part of this is because we added relevant keywords but mostly it is because Apple ranks apps that are updated higher than apps that have not been updated recently.

At this point, this has not translated into increase downloads, but we will see how we do in a few weeks.

Some other notes about this app. This is one of the first games I ever wrote and it is the game I evaluate game engines. The current version is written in Lua and my current favorite engine Corona.


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