Part 2: Appodeal vs Ironsource

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Ironsource 0.54 0.0228
Appodeal 0.63 0.0294
Total: 0.59 0.0261

Please read part 1 to understand how I ran this test.

Originally I was planning to run the test for a longer period of time, but it has been 6 days and it has been consistent day after day.

Overall Appodeal was more than 15% better in eCPM and more than 20% better in ARPDAU.

Although my traffic is more LATAM heavy this advantage held up regardless of GEO.

Appodeal’s eCPM edged out Ironsource’s interstitial by a small margin, but Appodeal’s reward video (2x) and banner eCPM advantage was significant.

All the rewarded videos were first impressions due to a limitation in the Ironsource plugin. I placed the same limitation on the Appodeal plugin for the test. Because of this, I don’t have any data on non-first rewarded video.

As far as retention, Ironsource was slightly better but probably statistically insignificant.

Other thoughts, the support I received from Ironsource is slower compared to Appodeal. Think of weeks instead of days. It isn’t as bad as other networks. I suspect that if you are bigger than I am you would probably get better support.

I was not paid or associated with Appodeal or Ironsource. I don’t have a special deal on impressions or guaranteed eCPM with either of them. As far as I know, neither of them was aware I was doing this test.

I posted limited data in this blog entry, but I posted more data in the Corona labs slack channel. Appodeal probably doesn’t care what I post since they encourage A/B testing, but I don’t know what limitations Ironsource has. I don’t feel like reading the legalese.

Please note that this test was done on one app with limited impressions, don’t take it as gospel. Run your own test and reach your own conclusions.



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