LootLocker, NW.js, and GameSalad

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  1. Download NW.js and set up.
  2. The integration HTML file is located on gist. Copy and past it into your project and use this file as the “main” page for your package.json.
  3. Update the values at the top of the file. Game Version is an arbitrary value for the current version of your game. Change DEV_MODE to false before going into production.

The rest of the values can be found on the LootLocker settings page for your game:

4. In GameSalad create a property called playerId. You can either populate it yourself or let Lootlocker generate one. Make sure to save the attribute so it survives reboots.

5. To login, call Tweet Sheet with a message of “login”.

6. To send a score to the leaderboard, send the attribute with the score and the leaderboard id using the “Game Service – Post Score”.

The leaderboard id can be found on LootLocker under the leaderboard listings.

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