Multiple AppId support for IwGameAds.

I have used IwGameAds for a while (I didn’t write the original code). One of the great things of using it with Marmalade  is that you can write your code once and ads appear everywhere you deploy it.

I use 2 ad providers, and I usually set up the platform as Android since IwGameAds only supported 1 appId per provider. This meant that whatever device is presenting the ads, it would always shows up as Android on the ad console. It also meant that such as ads for Android games would show up on Blackberry devices.

I made some small changes to the code to accommodate multiple appids per provider. You can get the version with my changes in my repo.

To add the extra appIds you can do it when creating the mediator:

Example 1:

// Create Inner-active ad party and add to the mediator

CIwGameAdsParty* party = new CIwGameAdsParty();

party->ApplicationID = “Default when it doesn’t match any of the others.”;

party->IOSAppID = “iOS AppId”;

party->BBAppID = “ONX based blackbery devices App Id.”;

party->AndroidAppID = “Android App Id.”;

party->WP8AppID = “Windows Phone 8 App Id.”;

party->Provider = CIwGameAds::InnerActive;


Example 2: Not all the appIds have to be provided it would just use the default when the others can’t be found:

CIwGameAdsParty* party = new CIwGameAdsParty();

party->ApplicationID = “Default when it doesn’t match any of the others.”;

party->IOSAppID = “iOS AppId”;

party->WP8AppID = “Windows Phone 8 App Id.”;

party->Provider = CIwGameAds::InnerActive;


Example 3: You can also use it without a mediator:





Self Hosted WordPress – Smart Kids’ Apps

Since I last wrote, I have created one Tic-Tac-Toe with Zoo animals app and so far have it in multiple stores (but that is a story for another day).

In the process of trying to figure out how I could get more exposure for my app, I found many sites that feature app reviews. I looked at a few, and decided why not try to create one for myself (in typical Adrian fashion).

From the beginning I wanted to use a content management system, since I don’t have the time to recreate the wheel. Doing a search on Google will show dozens in every platform and development language imaginable.

I was one of the original testers for the 1and1 PHP/MySQL servers in North America. And as such, I have a very generous plan for very little money. I have used it in the past to host many websites, including my wife’s very successful parenting board (at its peak it had hundreds of uses and thousands of pages servered an hour).

After spending half a day looking at PHP/MySQL options I came across Redaxscripts. Fast, slim and nimble; it is very impressive. While looking at their performance charts WordPress was second or not far behind every test. Couple that with the fact that I couldn’t find many full fledge templates available for Redaxscripts: I decided ultimately to use WordPress.

Since this blog that you are reading is hosted on, I decided to do the same for the Smart Kids’ Apps blog. I soon found that for some of the things I wanted to do it would not be possible or too expensive to do them here. This is especially true since I am already paying for a hosting package at 1and1.

I have known people who have done self hosting WordPress sites, so I figured how hard could it be. I went to the site downloaded the installer, configured my hosting provider, bought a domain, bought a template (i am not a designer), downloaded a few plugins and in little over four hours in 2 days I had the site up and running.

The Smart Kids’ Apps site might not be perfect, but it took me a fraction of the time and effort than the last time I tried to do something similar (I was in love with Ruby on Rails a few years back).

What have been your experiences with self hosting WordPress? Have you tried anything else?

Doing something useful with my domains.

It has been over 10 years since I have held (and I can’t honestly say that I have ever had a purpose for the .net/.com domains, other than one of them hosting my e-mails. At one point I uploaded a collection of pictures to a postcard flash-based display widget (no other words to describe it). I love taking pictures of flowers, and at the time I thought the postcard display was very neat (I think I still do). I was not able to see my postcard flowers on my phone or iPad, since sadly Apple doesn’t support flash on iOS devices. I thought of looking for or writing a similar application in HTML5, and at the same time I was wondering where I would write my random thoughts about technology that I was playing with.

Originally my blog in the .org domain was going to alternate between me talking about wine (go and read my ignorant wine rantings if you want) and talking about technology. I just didn’t feel it was right for me to talk about wine on one post (something I know very little about), and then switching over and talk about technology in the next.

So here we are. I am now pointing both .net and .com domains to this blog. I have removed the flash-based postcard picture display widget (it is actually still there if you look hard enough). The wine blog stays where it is, and I plan to write in this one only about my tech musings.